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The ultimate purpose of knowledge is to benefit the world

``Wisdom is to make sure it does not cause harm.``

Wisdom East West by

Dr. Robert C. K. Lee

The purpose of this website is to share my 85 years of experience and wisdom I’ve gained from China to America.  Point you to the way of a truly balanced and abundant life, and for you to make your own unique contribution to the world.  My mission is to “Put wings in young hearts.”
First, we must realize we live in two worlds: the visible (physical), three-dimensional world and the invisible (spiritual), multi-dimensional world. The physical world is composed of what we experience with our five senses. The invisible world is composed of our knowledge, wisdom, character, integrity, faith, hope, love, spirit, and soul. If God is in it, it goes to infinity!
We design our successes in the (invisible) spiritual world,
We build them in the physical world.
You’re an unlimited mind housed in a limited body. In fact, the programming in your mind is the common denominator to success or failure.
Our lives are constantly under construction. Success in life is a continuous, multidimensional achievement that can be represented by the seven different colors of the rainbow. These are: purpose (red), mission (blue), passion (green), financial health (violet), physical health (orange), mental development (yellow), and creativity (indigo). In my latest book, “Build the Rainbow of Your Success”, I’ve devoted a chapter to each color to discuss them in more detail.
Interestingly, all the colors come from white light. If we have a well-balanced rainbow, it recombines as white light; (See Chapter 8).
Our lives are gifts from God. What we do with our lives are our gifts to God. At the end of our lives, we’ll present our rainbows to the Almighty. Some rainbows will be bigger than others will be. Unfortunately, some will be a few colors short.
My goal is to help you learn how to work smarter—not harder—and to develop an attitude and a core belief so you can enjoy the sunshine and learn to dance in the rain.

Build Rainbow of Success Home Image

Build The Rainbow of Your Success

This book is your “call to action” to build your dreams. It will show you the principles for being your own architect to design and build your life and your own unique “Rainbow of Success”, with wisdom from both the East and West.

Wu Golden Stallion Home Image

Wu and the Golden Stallion: And 7 Other Chinese Wisdom Stories (Volume 1)

Wu and The Golden Stallion, the first of The Chinese Wisdom Treasure Chest Series, sets the stage for advanced readers to learn to think outside of the box! Though these Chinese stories are thousands of years old, it is the simplicity of the moral of each story that teaches children and families around the world, the power of the mind. Dr. Robert Lee began sharing this wisdom from China with his daughter at a very early age and brilliantly inspires us today with hands on, solution based philosophies that have a delightful universal appeal.

Temujin Home Image

Temujin The Young Warrior: And 7 Other Chinese Wisdom Stories (Volume 2)

For centuries, children have been gleaning wisdom hidden amidst wonderful stories told to them by their parents and grandparents. Here are eight more favorite children’s stories from China, selected because they do just that–present “pearls of wisdom” in a winsome and intriguing story.

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